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:thumbsup: The other half seem to be more in line with the Internal (mouth) cumshots thread. The guy who made the website fucked up.

You can access the site index if delete the ls7m. html part. Bunch of lady sonia clips, it you're into that sort of thing.


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In May 2000, Saint announced that she was leaving the porn industry, which caused alarm among many of her loyal fans, until her true intentions became clear a few months later. Silvia Saint simply wanted to go back home, so she left the United States porn industry and returned to her home city of Prague in the Czech Republic where she continued to star in many more sex videos over the following years. The vast majority of her xxx work after 2001 was in girl-girl lesbian videos and internet scenes focused on lesbian sex.


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That same year, 1927, Mofies painted a work now called Polynesian Connection (Man-Woman)the central motif of which was derived from Unit. stainless steel, installation approximately 7m x 9m (Govett-Brewster Art Gallery) Lye reckoned he must've had Brancusi's The Kiss (1910) somewhat in mind when he carved Unit.

But, he says, 'whereas I portray a tight-like-that embrace, Brancusi portrays his embrace in a babes-in-the-wood, hold-me-tight manner'. Point taken; Lye's piece has the more sexual energy. (Brancusi's light embrace does emerge from a pretty tight-like-that block of stone, though.


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I sucked him off and then we slipped out the back door to get the dog. We couldn't find the dog, but we could hear him breathing heavily. We peeked in a window and found him on top of the woman next door, just pounding her pussy with his big cock.


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Iвve seen it all already. в I walked over and sat on the couch next to him and we masturbated Ib. Thatвs my first mutual masturbation experience.


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I comforted him and told him it was okay to poop in his dydee, that was why he was wearing it. He got misty-eyed and looked like he was about to start dripping tears. I changed his dirty diaper and put him in his playpen. Then I gave him his bottle to suck on and turned on the Nymphetx Bears for him to watch Nymphrts I tidied up the house. By the end of the week, I had completely broken his toilet training; he would have to wear diapers for a few days even if I had agreed to treat him like an adult again.


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